Giving you an outstanding level of service

Not just another Recruitment Agency

Stratospherec is not just another Recruitment Agency – we try to offer something different. We want you to use us time and time again to hire your staff. The only way you will do that is if we give you an outstanding level of service. Some of the key cornerstones of our service are:


We really go to great lengths to understand your recruitment and business needs. You will find we do this by enquiring beyond the job spec you give us. We will really enjoy finding out about what the job entails and about the intricacies of the projects our candidates will be working on with you. We will also delve into the culture and ethos of your business because like us you’ll realise that a candidate’s personality is as important a factor in working for your company as technical expertise. As we know our candidates so well we are confident that we can send you a CV that is the perfect match. We will only send you candidates that can do the job you want and who will work well with your team.


We are highly skilled in assessing each individual candidate’s level of technical ability and skills. All our candidates are subjected to our own rigorous interviewing process to ensure they have the technical skills and right personality fit to gel with your business. We technically test, interview and quality check every single candidate that we send to you.


Our quest for unrivalled technical recruiting expertise means we always have ongoing relationships with ‘technical experts’ within the IT industry, who are either seeking new jobs or can recommend people who are. We also have an extensive client and candidate network created from our thousands of contacts within hi-tech circles. We work heavily with the passive candidate market, so we constantly have access to “A grade” candidates looking for new career opportunities.


Every Company and Business is unique so we will take a lot of time to review your recruitment needs and devise a time efficient strategy to best hire the people you want in an increasingly competitive recruitment market. We will provide you with your very own bespoke recruitment package. We will listen to what you need from your recruiter and how you want the recruitment process to work in order to tailor-make an effective strategy to achieve the perfect recruitment solution for you. We are a boutique agency so we can be as flexible as you need us to be.


The basis of our business is being honest and fair. We always keep our promises and deliver you the best candidates in mutually agreed time frames. We will provide you with constant feedback in the fashion you require. Our rates and fee structures are clear from the outset. We want you to love working with us and in turn we will take the hassle of recruitment away from you and provide you with an impeccable aftercare service.